Data Backup and Recovery

SnapProtect SVM Source and destination Question


I have a quick question regarding the SnapProtect/OCUM configuration. We are running a 2 node cluster soon to be 6 node cluster running CDOT 8.3, we have a single SMV and don't have any Multi-Tenancy requirements.  


The SnapProtect documentation mentioned setting the Virtual Server Association and configuring the Resource Pools. Do most people configure the destination for SnapVaults to a different SVM or to the same SVM that has the primary data.


At this point the offsite backups are done to Tape via SnapProtect. With 7-mode we have a backup filer that all the vaults are SnapVaulted too, but this will be put into the cluster as part of the transition to Clustered Mode.


So rather than having 3 separate 7-mode NetApps we will have a single cluster with 6 nodes. 1 of the Aggrs will be the destination for the Vaults but just not sure if it’s better to have this in its own SVM ie SVM-DR.