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How to configure SMSQL backups on virtual machine with FC RDM's?


We have few of the instances which are provisioned with FC RDM's and the ESX version is 4.1. We need to configure SMSQL backups for these VM's to take the backup of SQL.


Need help on how to configure SMSQL on virtual machines?


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Krishna Kishore Govada.




SMSQL will work fine as long as SnapDrive sees the lun.

all you need is to configure SnapDrive to talk to the vcenter, so that SnapDrive can see the RDM lun's.

you can use the sdcli vsconfig set command with -IP -user -pwd parameters, for this.

The user you pass for vcenter should be having at least 3 predefined permissons (please refer to the administration guide of your SnapDrive version) at the vcenter level.

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Hi Domenico,


Thank you for your time in helping me on this..


I have tried that option, but the LUN list is not populated. I hope a firewall is stopping us.


May I know, from where does we need to open the SnapDrive prerequisite ports. Please suggest from one of the following option.


1. VM to Filer

2 vCenter to Filer

3 Both 1 & 2


Best Regards,

Krishna Kishore Govada.

Hi Krishna,
If the vsconfig set command works and you have run it with a (domain) user with enough permissions on the vcentrer, yet you can't see the rdm lun's, I would test to see whether snapdrive is aware that it is installed on a virtual machine, vmtools are installed and then test creation of a small rdm lun from within snapdrive gui or sdcli, using esx initiators...
If that does not work, there could be a number of reasons for this. You are probably better off filing a case with our support, as they need to look at the encrypted snapdrive virtualization.api log.
To answer the question, the firewall between snapdrive server and vcenter server should be open , but also between snapdrive and storage system hosting the lun's mapped to esx initiators...
There is a kb on the support site, showing all ports to be open for snapdrive to work correctly. I am mobile at the moment but you should be able to find it by searching. If you suspect the firewall, I advice to disable temporarily the firewall to see if it works first, then re-enable it and open the ports.

Hope it gets you further.