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How to implement Cluster Aware Backup (CAB) Extension


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One of our customers is interested in using Bacula NDMP software with an ONTAP 9.8 storage system:


The software doesn't support the NetApp CAB extension (meaning that it only runs in node scope currently) and the customer has contacted the Bacula software vendor to see whether that can be implemented by the vendor in their software.

The software vendor has requested any and all technical info on the CAB extension so that they can try and implement it.


All I can find publicly is the configuration guides to use once the 3rd party software DMA supports the CAB extension.


If the software vendor has technical queries about how to implement this plugin, where can they get the information that they would need to carry that out?

Can they download any materials that would show how the extension works, or is there any point of contact within NetApp that they could approach for information on how to build it into their software?


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I guess the NetApp Technology Alliance Program is the way to go:


The internals of the NDMP spec is public ( & but I did not find any implementation details about the CAB protocol extension ( so I guess NetApp developed that internally.



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That agrees with what I ... wasn't able to find. 😉

The recommendation on the alliance program is great.


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