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How to protect the CIFS Availabilty Group T-Log Repository Share


In creating a backup schedule for a new SMSQL 6.0 implementation with SQL Server 2012 and Availability Groups, I'm curious how to protect the CIFS repository that stores transaction logs for the AG nodes.  In particular, I'm curious how snaps of the CIFS share coincides with the entire backup set of data LUN, t-log LUN, and SnapInfo LUN.  Do I just use the run-after command in the backup wizard after every full or t-log backup?  Is there even a reason to keep the CIFS share snapped if the t-logs are already protected by snaps and backup metadata in the SnapInfo LUN?

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Justin Welch addresses this in this thread

Basically, use the "run after" command in a backup job to execute a script that updates a SnapMirror relationship.