Data Backup and Recovery

How to transfer the non SQL-Data to secondary storage (Snap Vault)?


The Backup for the SQL Databases of the SharePoint Farm works fine for the primary and for the secondary Storage-System.

The following clipping is from the manual:

"In SMSP version 6.1, only the Data Protection section is integrated with SnapVault and only the database nodes can support the SnapVault functions. Before you trigger the archive operations of SnapVault, the end user needs to verify that the SharePoint databases have been migrated to the LUNs configured for SnapVault."

But how is it possible to transfer the non SQL-Data (Device Manager - Physical Device?) to our secondary Storage-System?

What is the difference between Logical Devices Local and LUN? (The Local Path is located on a LUN)

I mean the following section of SMSP 6.1:

Last but not least:
How am I able to distinguish the
various Backups (daily, weekly ...) in the  folders created by the system?

How do I handle the data-retention for older Backups of these datasets?

The logical device looks like this:





  is this one that your team handles or should the question be asked in the NetApp Support Community?


Looks like you were not able to help on this issue here.  We have external and internal subject matter experts in the NetApp Support Community answering questions about SnapX products and software.  If you have an active NetApp Single Sign On (SSO) account login, this link enables you to engage them about this.