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How to undo SME wizard action to remove old Exchange server




I have an old single Exchange 2010 where I run the SnapManager for Exchange 6 (SME6) to move databases to LUNs.

The server is a residual from a migration to 365, so it would be used only to specific managemente taasks.

I still have 4 databases on 4 iSCSI LUNs on a FAS2040.

There are no more than 5 mailboxes on it, so my idea is to remove all from filler back to local.


I want to know what would be the best way to undo the changes made by SME in order to:

  • Move the bases back to local disk.
  • Move all LOGs to local disks.
  • Remove all SME Jobs.
  • When all data is back on Local disks remove LUNs from Windows.
  • Remove LUNs from Filer when all is done.






The best way to undo the changes made by SME in order to:

  • move the databases and the log files back to the local disk is to use the Configuration Wizard. The SME Configuration wizard enables you to move your Exchange data from local disk to LUN, or LUN to LUN, or LUN to local disk.
  • remove all SME jobs is to use the Scheduled Jobs in the Scope pane. When you select Scheduled Jobs, the details of all scheduled jobs such as backup and integrity verification jobs are displayed in the Results pane. You can view, edit, and delete these jobs.
  • remove LUNs from Windows is to use SDW to disconnect the disks.
  • remove LUNs from Filer when all is done is to use the system manager or putty. This can also be done by deleting the disk (without using the disconnect disk option) from SDW.

Thanks and Regards,

Krishna Vasudevan


That was what I thought. Just wondering if there is a more automated way or "reverse" wizard.