Data Backup and Recovery

Snap protect backups complete with error "OS mount failed"


Hello people,


We have been getting this message on our backup reports. Does any one know how to get rid of it and the backups complete without and error?



Robert, would you please contact me about this.

I have a very similar issue and want to discuss with you....


You have the same issue I had.


I have asked you privately to send details about your situation that may help. 

I would hope you are a teram player to help figure out.


If you really want to get a solution, you need to get a case opened.


Feel free to share your details, per my private message. You can share those details for all the world to see or just me.

At this point, I just want a solution for my case, call me greedy. You are showing the primary symptom I see.


We can certainly post any useful data after we have something to report to help others that may see this same issue.