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Installing SDU with Solaris Zones - NFS


Hi all,

Have a customer running solaris 10 with root-spase-zones where we installed SDU + SMSAP. This customer hosts SAP enviroments and plans to use SMSAP for backup/restores. NFS only

We come across some issues or behaviours that we don't fully understand, as per customer expectactions we installed the SDU package on the global zone as expected it to be propagated - made available in every non-global zone. This didn't happen, when we try to install the SDU directly into the zone the install script would fail as it didn't have permissions to create some directories /opt/NetApp .... as the / filesystem is mounted read-only.

we found a workaround that was to install the package first on the global zone to create the required directories with the correct permissions and then install the package within the non-global zone itself., in this situation the install script completed sucessfully.

We do have doubts if this is the correct procedure or not,

After doing some research we found that:


"When running pkgadd in the global zone (see zones(5)), a package that contains a request script (see pkgask(1M)) is added only to the global zone. The package is not propagated to any current or yet-to-be-installed non-global zone. This behavior mimics the effect of the -G option, described below."

our guess is that was the case for our SDU package.

My questions:

*) what is the correct procedure for installing SDU on a solaris zones environment ?

*) has SDU been qualified with sparse-root-zones or whole-root zones ?




I saw a draft TR a few months ago focused on Cloning with SDU in a Solaris Zones environment.  That's the only document I've seen so far on SDU and Zones.  Will check on the status and get back to you.