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Issues installing Snapcentre Plugin locally from command line


HI there


struggling to get the SCW and SCSQL plugins installed on a host. the error logs are not very informative, having overcome a number of issues now stuck on this error.... 0x00000643 more info below


Running Event 'CheckStaleServiceExisit'



IS _STALE_SERVICE_Exisit value now true

IS _STALE_SERVICE_Exisit value now false


Action 'CheckStaleServiceExisit' retruned status 0x000000

Running event 'CA_Abort_Install'

(ISP Action) Silent Install : "Volume Shadow Copy" (VSS) found

(ISP Action) : CheckServiceState: "Volume Shadow Copy (VSS)" service is set to manual.

Action Returned 0x00000

Action CA_Abort_Install returned 0x00000

Running event "CA_EvalauteSCCInstall'


(ISP Action) SILENT INSTALL : Aborting HPPW Installation.

Action returned value  0x00000643

Action 'CA_EvalauteSCCInstall' returned status 0x80070643

Original exist status 0x80070643, final exit status 0x00000643


I have tried my google foo for the error codes and names but can find nothing. Anyone with any insight to what may be the issue please


Thank you






Hi Bob,


I had a quick look and found this NetApp KB Article which suggests the cause might be:


  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is not answering.
  • Firewall blocking the WMI calls.

and the potential solution is:


  • Unblock WMI calls.

You might consider checking these links and reviewing the configuration on your server:


If that does not resolve the issue I'd suggest raising a support case. Hope that helps.



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HI there Matt


Thank you for the quick response.


I am installing the agent locally on the target server, so don't think the firewall is the cause. the install is running from a privileged command prompt also.


is there any documentation on the checks/errors that the SCW plugin undertakes?


Thank you


Hi Bob,


I had a look through the documentation to troubleshoot the installation (though it's from an older version). It does mention the error code but unfortunately doesn't provide any details on what the solution is. I think if you look at step 4 here perhaps the MSI installer logs may contain more details about the error than the application install log? There doesn't appear to be any internal KB articles related to this either, perhaps it's best to raise a support case?



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