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LUN not showing with "snapdrive storage show -all" (does show with sanlun lun show -p)


Why would a LUN and vg show up with "sanlun lun show -p", but not show up with "snapdrive storage show -all"?

I have two HP-UX 11i v2 servers and I have been using snapdrive to clone a volume group from one server to the other, and it has been working fine for a couple of years.   The vg is cloned from the production server to a qa server.

The command that I use on the production server to create the copy is:  /usr/sbin/snapdrive snap create -vg vgnew -snapname snapforvgnew

I mount the clone vg on the qa server with "snapdrive snap connect  -vg ${DISKGROUP} -clone unrestricted -snapname ${FILER}:/vol/${NETAPPVOL}:snapforvgnew -prefixfv clone -autoexpand"

This past weekend I enlarged two volume groups on the production server from 500GB to 700GB by having two new 700GB LUNs created, mirroring the logical volumes, breaking the mirrors, and removing the old LUNs.  One vg is named vgcommon and it is not cloned, the other vg, that is cloned, is named vgnew.  Both newly enlarged vg's work fine and the logical volumes from them are mounted just fine.  "sanlun lun show -p" shows both LUNs and all of the paths.

When I run the "snapdrive snap create -vg vgnew -snapname snapforvgnew" command, I get the following following error:

0001-023 Admin error: Unable to discover all LUNs in disk group vgnew.
Devices not responding: /dev/dsk/c42t1d6, /dev/dsk/c38t1d6,  /dev/dsk/c36t1d6, /dev/dsk/c46t1d6, /dev/dsk/c44t1d6, /dev/dsk/c34t1d6,  /dev/dsk/c32t1d6
Please check the LUN status on the storage system and bring the LUN  online if necessary or add the host to the trusted hosts (options  trusted.hosts) on the storage system or retry after changing  snapdrive.conf to use https for storage system communication and  restarting snapdrive daemon.

The listed devices are all paths for the LUN that is associated with vgnew.  All of these paths for this vg are listed in /etc/lvmtab (on the production server).

The ONLY place where I don't see these devices (paths) for vgnew on the production server is when I do a "snapdrive storage show -all".  I see all of the other LUNs for this server, but I do not see vgnew.   I do see the LUN for the other vg (vgcommon) that I expanded this weekend.



I have found more information.  We have two NetApp filers (StorageSystems), and all of the LUNs except for the new LUN are on one filer, the new LUN is on another filer.  It appears that snapcopy does not know about the second filer.

Our filers are named ab-netapp3170-a and ab-netapp3170-b -- and the output of snapdrive config list only shows one filer:

abpfqdb1:/var/snapdrive # snapdrive config list
username    appliance name    appliance type
root        ab-netapp3170-a   StorageSystem

abpfpdb1:/opt/NetApp/santools/bin # snapdrive config list
username    appliance name    appliance type
root        ab-netapp3170-a   StorageSystem

How do I add a second StorageSystem/Filer to the snapdrive configuration?

I found it

snapdrive config delete ab-netapp3170-a

snapdrive config set root ab-netapp3170-b