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increase lun size without snap dr



With regard to increasing lun size dynamically.  Is it possible to do it without snap drive. Also snap drive for unix, can increase the lun size seamlessly for a solaris mapped host? With Win 08 i can resize lun manually without snap drive but can only mount another drive or mount in a folder on current drive, no extending of the volume? is it possible to do dynamic without snap drive to not loose current data with rescan and reformat ?



From NetApp side there is no problem to increase (or decrease) LUN size up to 10 x original size. Host behaviour depends.

W2k3/w2k8 can easily recognize and use additional space online; you have option to either extend existing partition or create another one. W2k8 can even shrink volume. You do not need SDW for that (but of course need to know how to do it without it)

SDU does not support LUN expansion (did not last time I checked). It supports volume expansion only together with host based volume manager and will create additional LUN and extend volume with it.

Under Solaris there is no official way to extend existing disk; the only way known to me is to use VxVM 4.x or newer that supports it.



I see you cannot do it dynamically for Solaris but I have read here where it is possible.

"There's no support for lun resizing in Solaris yet.  Right now it means  you have to destroy the disk label, then recreate it (which will pick up  the new size), then write the old slices/partitions into the new label  so you can see the data again." Seems like it should be tested thoroughly b4 trying .