Data Backup and Recovery

Large Exchange Snapshot's



We have a Exchange 2010 mailserver and a NetApp 3140 (OnTap 7.3.4P1) solution. On one off the Exchange volumes on the NetApp, we get very large SnapShot's some days. All other Exchange volumes the nightly snapshot is about 1GB large. On the volume with large snapshot the nightly snapshot's are about 30GB large.

We have tried to move all the mailbox'es in the database with large snapshot's to another database. But even with no users in the database it still create very large snapshots. When we unmounted the database on the Exchange server, one of the other databases (NetApp volume) start getting large snapshot's.

It must be something on the Exchange server that "touches" the files, so that NetApp belive it's changed. The large snapshot's are often created during weekends and on hollydays. In the middle of the week it act normaly.

Do anyone have a tips/solution on how we can find out what generate this large snapshots?



is this one that your team handles or should the question be asked in the NetApp Support Community?