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Latest Java version for smogui 3.0.x



What version of Java is required for the latest smogui 3.0.x?  smogui sometimes failing with nullpointerexception.

Thank you in advance for your help.




Hi Mitchel,

You have to use JRE 1.5. Newer Versions won't work



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I will try it and reply, if it did not work. Thank you.



We currently support 1.5.  There are known issues with 1.6 versions and that will be addressed in a future release.

An NPE isn't necessarily an issue with the version of Java you are running.  So if you are on 1.5, then you need to look at running a smo dump of some kind depending on what operation is failing.  May need a snapdrive.dc depending on the error.

Would suggest you open a support case.



Agreed. I will install 1.5 and review smogui for performance and if it still did not go any faster/smoother, I will send out the logs for your review. Thank you.



Hi Mark,

Same problem here, in corporate enviorniment you can't control what everybody has on his laptop (JRE5 vs JRE6), according to the JRE 6 was released in December 2006... but still snapmanagers don't work with JRE6 ?  What is time frame for releasing fixing SMO/SMSAP that are going to support JRE6?

Thanks, Jakub.


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It's a currency issue for SMO/SMSAP Engineering and I know it is in the process of being resolved.

However, I have no info for you regarding a release schedule.

Will get PM to comment when there is a firm schedule.



That figures! ☺ How about an employee 401K investment program towards SMO/SMSAP? ☺ It’s a great tool, if given the chance to be completed.


SMO 3.1, anticipated for delivery late summer, is going to support JRE 1.6.  We have added JRE to our currency matrix, and will be working to improve our support in that area.