Data Backup and Recovery

Making snapshots browsable

I have a question about a recovery solution I'm thinking of implementing.  I recently implemented an AFF300 (Source) vaulting to a FAS8200 (Destination) for long term storage and backups. Snapshots are configured at the source and replicating to the destination on a schedule, we are keeping 31 days of daily snapshots and 26 weeks of weekly snapshots.
I want to configure the snapshots at the destination to be browseable so the business can restore from the snapshots whenever they want. How can I make the snapshots at the destination browsable?




I guess, just like you would access the NAS share on the Prod, same applies for Vault/Mirror.


As long as CIFS is configured on the Vault/Mirror SVM:
1) Just mount the destination 'vault/mirror' Volume into the 'Namespace'
2) Once it is available in the Namespace, you should be able to go to 'shares' and click 'create share'.
3) Enable snapdir-access
::> volume modify -vserver <vserver> -volume <vault_mirror> -snapdir-access true
4) Now, you should be able to go to folder | click 'previous version' and restore the files.




Thank you. I will try it.

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