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Managing SnapCenter Plug-in For VMWARE vSphere - Powershell


Is there a Powershell module available for managing SnapCenter Plug-in For VMWARE vSphere  version 4.5? I cannot locate any nor can I find references to Powershell in the SnapCenter 4.5 documention. 



SCV Plugin is not a windows based plugin any more. Are you trying to script using powershell cmdlets ? Please elaborate your question on what you are trying to do.


We use Powershell quite a lot for interfacing with SnapCenter for SQL
&Exchange. This is useful for both reporting and on occasions for other
tasks such as disk management. Currently we are migrating an aging Exchange
Infrastructure from aging ESX and NetApp Hardware to new using various
cmdlets such as disconnect-sdstorage, connect-sdstorage etc and this has
proven very effective.

As we have powershell skills I wanted to see how we could use powershell
against SnapCenter for vSphere. A primary use case would be to generate a
list of Resource Groups with their Scheduled times. Strangely you cannot
get this information from the GUI unless you edit each job individually to
see the scheduled run time or you refer to previously run job logs or
indeed you look at the snapshot creation time. All of these are rather

I am reaching the conclusion that I may have to use Swagger APIs to get a
CLI type interface which will involve a learning curve.

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You can manage/automate snapcentre tasks via Swagger API.
To understand it better, please elaborate your question a bit.