Data Backup and Recovery

MaxDB: No backup template specified in Sc config - Snap Creator Framework 4.3.2


Hello everyone, 


I just configured my first MaxDB snapshot with SnapCreator 4.3.2 framework. 

Snap Creator release is 4.3.1 P3. 

MaxDB release is 7.9.09. 


I am now trying to make the snapshots available in MaxDB Studio, after setting the log writer handling to YES I can now see the entries under Administration -> Backups -> All.  What I don't like here is the fact that BACKUP_TYPE is unknown. 



I carefully read the snapshot log and at some point, during the application quiesce, the plugin is looking for a backup template. In my case the log file is as follows:




I was wondering If some of you have any ideas where to add the lines for parameter MAXDB_BACKUP_TEMPLATES. I have checked each and every tab in the GUI with no luck, nothing seems to match. 

I need your guidance in finding the right configuration file at OS level (if any).  I added the above parameter in /opt/SNAPCREATOR/scServer4.3.2/plugins/MAXDB/maxdb.conf and I also restarted the agent but nothing changed. 


Thanks in advance.