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Migrate LUNs/MetaLUNs from Clariion CX3 to NetApp FAS3140



Does anyone have any good solution to migrate LUNs and MetaLUNs form existing Clariion CX3-10 to FAS3140? Ofcourse teh best solution would be an online migration but if that is not possible I have few hours of downtime planned.

I dont want to do host side migrations as there are at least 5 different systems involved and this would involve system admins.

I first thought of SAN Copy and/or PowerPath Migrator but it looks like thise doesnt support NetApp (or i have some old info).

Any help would be appreciated...

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Depending on the type of data on the LUNs, maybe you can do a client-side online migration?

For example for Oracle systems, you could give the DB server a second LUN on the NetApp and then use a third-party product (like "Libelle") to migrate the database from one LUN to the other.

Or, for simple file systems, you can probably do a software mirror (linux RAID, Windows dynamic disks) onto the new LUN and, after everything is in sync, fail the old LUN and remove the software mirror again

I'm sure there are other solutions available for other applications



Hi there,

be aware that windows dynamic disks are not supported with netapp snapdrive.

We usualy go with host based migration. We attach a LUN via iSCSI so no FC Multipathing stuff etc needed, copy the data over. In a downtime, we run a last delta-copy (or the initial copy if its a large DB file) and then exchange the drive letters. afterwards you can remove the EMC drivers, install netapp drivers and reattach the lun.

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I think client side is going to be your only option, other than backup and restore. We used DoubleTake to replicate on the host between luns when we moved from our CX3. I believe NetApp PS also has a similar tool, ReplicatorX?

A DoubleTake solution would allow to transfer the data live, with incremental updates after the initial baseline. You can also run a verify task for file comparison between the source and target luns before cutover.


There are several appliances out there that can migrate, but it has to be FC LUNs. FalconStor is an appliance I've used to migrate from HP EVA to NetApp. Worked really well and we saw about 800GB/hr transfer rate. Although I'm sure these appliances are not cheap.


According to information on site, FalconStor NSS applicance supports iSCSI as well.