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Module installation fails to install based on .net version error, but the system has the right versi


Attempting to install the snapcenter for Microsoft Windows and the Exchange plug in, the push install gives me the following errors:

1. The minimum .NET framework version required on the host is v4.5.2. Install or upgrade the .NET framework on and restart the host.

2. Checking for Blocked Firewall Ports failed on host .Exception: The network path was not found.

3. The required PowerShell version 4.0 is not available on . Install or upgrade the PowerShell to 4.0 and restart the host.


The HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Net Framework Setup\NDP\v4\full\1033 key says that it is release 528049 (which is 4.8.2)

The $PSVersion table shows that I have powershell 4.0


Attempting a silent install from the client fails and the install never writes to the log files specified in the install string.





What version of SC plugin are you installing?

I see that you verified that you have the latest .net framwework and Powershell 4.0 installed. Can you confirm that you have as well Windows Management Framework (WMF) 4.0 or later installed.

Have you rebooted your host and re-attempted the installation?

Also, can you verify the below port are not blocked from your firewall:




This is not a solution.  This is a rehash of a canned response.




Can you provide the version of Snapcenter Server version and OS version; as well as the host version where you are trying to push the plugin and the version as well?




Are you still having issues with installing snapcenter for Microsoft Windows and the Exchange plug in? have you have a chance to check what 


Still fails.  I hate snapcenter.