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What are people using out there for monitoring their NetApp controllers?  Is it a combination of Ops Manager and SNMP?  What traps do you typically monitor?  Are you creating your own custom traps?


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Using DFM/Ops Mgr as the primary method for monitoring and problem notification.  I do have a modified SNMP script for collection in Big Brother (not officially supported by NetApp).  We will soon be moving to Nagios, which is supposed to have better interpretation of NetApp mibs.  For example we had to turn off Big Bro's monitoring of environmental data points as it continued to report temperature issues where there were none.


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Some folks prefer ApplianceWatch PRO w/ Microsoft System Center while others choose HP OpenView, ManageEngine OpStor, LogicMonitor, Nagios, etc.

See here:


Another way you can monitor NetApp is using SCOM / OpsMgr management pack, or solarwind NetApp Profiler. I have used the older version of Profiler in the past and it worked very well. Those are some of the things you can consider and of course budget is important factor. SCOM requires a lot of planning and it makes Changes to AD. I think SolarWind its better option if you already own the product.


Also just fyi,   the vnext link notes ApplianceWatch PRO 2.1 which was a previous release.  The latest release is now called NetApp OnCommand Plug-in for Microsoft 3.0 ->


Check out  It's monitoring software that works with NetApp at the controller level.


we use a combo of Solarwinds     &. NetApp DFM - DFM polls the NAS traps which get reported to Solarwinds.


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You could also use Splunk. We have recently release our free Splunk App for NetApp Data ONTAP.

More info here


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