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Plug-in Error after Snapcreator server Host was rebooted and Service started


Error from Log:

######### Application Quiesce ##########

[2014-02-25 10:15:05,454] INFO: Application Quiesce for plugin : oracle

[2014-02-25 10:16:05,771] ERROR: SCF-00037: Application quiesce for plug-in [oracle] failed with error [ SocketTimeo

utException invoking https://scdoraprd:9091/SnapCreator/operations/quiesce: Read timed out] and exit code [-1], Exiting!

This issue began after the server snapcreator server was running on was shutdown and then restarted.  The snapcreator server was restarted, but the ERROR: SCF-00037 began occuring immediately afterwards.  The agent that is failing on on another server.   

Could there be some dangling files that are causing issues and can be cleared out?

Agent was running on Port 9090, I stopped and restarted the agent and started on port 9091 but received the same error.



Hello Paul,

Do you still need help with this issue?

I see that you raised this question on Feb 25th, but it was delivered to us only today.

If so, could you please upload scdump here or email me to sivar at

Siva Ramanathan


I ended up reinstalling the 4.1.0.c on another server. Not sure why it stopped working on the other server.


Please provide me with the Operating System details, if you can.