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More than x Snapshots exist


Hi Everybody

I have a bit a strange Message in SC-Log since I upgraded to 4.1P1 this morning.

More than 9 snapshots exist (12) but they could not be deleted because they are not older than the retention age (10 days) for xyz

Message per se is correct but the first Number for number of Snapshots is always one to low.

The Snapshot Count and The Retention age are both set to 10, still the Log writes out 9 instead, hopefully it will not delete to 9 Versions as well if it can.



Same encountered with 30 Versions to keep, than it states 29 or 5 versions to keep, then it displays 4.

Is that just a display-bug or some kind of new Feature?

Thanks for your help

BR Stefan



It is only for the display part. To account the current snapshot we are reducing the retention count by one.

In Detail:

Like in the above example mentioned, the retention logic doesn't consider the snapshot taken in the current workflow. Ideally there are 13 snapshots(it is shown above as 12), but as it is not considering the current snapshot, the retention number is also shown by reducing one.

There is no issue in the retention logic. But if the message is misleading, we can correct it.


misleading is the right term, for any admin that does not know the code behind this would be seen as an error.

especially since this bug is causing the message to be shown in each job even though everything is as it should be.

I hope the next Version will be fixed and will show the right numbers and info-messages again


not only it's misleading it also marks as failed otherwise successfully finished backup job.