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Mount existing SnapClone to another ESXi host


We are on Snapcenter: 4.1.1 P4

vCenter: 6.0.0 9313458

ESXi: 6.0.0 10474991

VM Guest: 2012R2


I have multiple ESXi hosts and and Windows VM's.

I have a specific VM that is a SQL server and it has regular VMdk's and also snap clones from a production SQL VM. The clones are mounted from a datastore sc-123456789 (these are the .mdf files and clones from production) and another one is sc-987654321 (these are the .ldf files and clones from production).


I need to move the VM from Host 68 to host 69 but can't because some of the the vmdk's are on snap clone luns from datastores sc-123456789 & sc-987654321 and are only mounted to the ESXi host the VM is currently running on and no other ESXi hosts have these datastores mounted.


My question is, how can I mount the snapclone datastores sc-123456789 & sc-987654321 to another ESXi host so I can vMotion the guest VM to another host?


Or is that even possible??


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@NeverEnoughIOPS  Are you still looking for the solution?


@RajeshPanda , I have the same/similar issue.  Basically, we use Clone LifeCycle to clone SQL db's to other VM's.  We configured the clone schedule in the GUI and select auto mount point, so it attaches it as a MP in the OS on C:\, but on the back end direct maps it to the single host as opposed to all the hosts so the VM can be migrated.


I am assuming to get around this would be to create the clone lifecycle via CLI so I can specify an IGroup that would have all the hosts in it?