Data Backup and Recovery

SnapCenter Support for DB2 11.5?


Good afternoon!

Our systems are now running at db2 10.5. For backup, we use this only plugin

We need to update db2 further to version 11.5.
When will the official, tested, well-working plugin be released?



There is no information concerning date set for testing available at this time.  The current release of 1.0 for the plugin was back in 2018, which is significantly before the 2019 release of DB2 11.5.


I don't see significant changes to impact the function of the plugin on the database, but I can understand any hesitancy to upgrade without a display of backing for it.


I will try to follow-up on this at a later time, as more information becomes available.


Or is using Netapp a dead branch?
And is it better to use traditional db2 backup methods? netbackup?