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Moving Storage into different Subnet (Impact on SME)


Dear Community,

I want to move my FAS2020 into a new subnet, I want to separate storage and public traffic from each other.

At the moment the FIler is in the public subnet and the Exchange Server (physical) has iSCSI LUN mounted as raw device maps, with the Databases in them.

bevor I change the IP of the filer I want to make sure how I can make sure how the LUNs can be modified afterwards.

Is it possible to change the IP of the LUN within SME ? or Windows ?

what is the recommended way of doing this ?

I dont want to copy Databases around ..

Kind Regards,




Hi Michael,

I don't believe you will need to copy databases around.

When you change the IP address of the ports on NetApp filer, you will probably need to re-establish  iSCSI session from the SnapDrive. Then SME it should pick everything up, or, if it doesn't, you will need to run the setup wizard again.




sound to easy to be real

the setup manager from SME would at least be able to rewrite the paths ?

are sure are you on this ?


IMHO the worst case scenario is that after IP changes SME will pick up LUNs as new, so potentially restores from older backups might be problematic.

But still SME should see your 'new' LUN layout as valid, so no data shifting will be required.


I there any how-to on this topic ?

Does it matter if a different Interface on the Exchange is need to connect the LUNs (an Interface that it residing in the new subnet) ????

from my thinking I would to it like following:

1. tell Exchange to not start its services when the OS starts.

2. configure additional storage Interface on Exchange server and shutdown Exchange server

3. Change IP from Filer

4. Boot up Exchange.

5. Try to change the IP of all LUNs within Snapdrive.

6. Pray to the lord that the old LUNs with their Drivenames and with their old Data show up and run again.

7. Start Exchange

I made a screenshot, is that the place where to change the Filer ip ?


After changing IP addresses IMHO you will need to go to 'iSCSI Management' link to re-establish the iSCSI session with the filer.

Once the session is established, SnapDrive should be able to see all LUNs.


Okay so I do it the way I mentioned but between

5. Try to change the IP of all LUNs within Snapdrive.


6. Pray to the lord that the old LUNs with their Drivenames and with their old Data show up and run again.

i goto to iSCSI management (the sessions should be dead) and just press "establish session" ?


Nope - you do it instead of step 5.

If SnapDrive doesn't pick up LUNs straight away, I'd do disks rescan in Windows 'Disk Management'.

Your step 5 describes changing 'preferred IP address for management traffic', which not necessarily will change at all (your management traffic can still go via different port / IP address on the filer, not the same as iSCSI port)


How ever the Filer IP will change and the Server will have to connect to its LUNs via a new Interface (one that is in the new subnet) how should the Server be able to pick them up straight away ? how shall he know the new IP of the filer....

I dont trust this...


Despite the SRM reference, this document answers the impact (and steps to address it) on SME when the subnet is changed;