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Multiple SQL Instances on the Same iSCSI LUNS



Is it possible to host databases and logs from multiple SQL instances on the same set of iSCSI LUNs (hosted on NetApp) as those used for another instance?  If it is possible, is it recommended?  In SMSQL, can you can point to a different folder on the same SnapInfo LUN used by the other instance?  Any issues with having TempDB, SQL binaries, or the system DB's hosted on the same LUN?



Are these SQL instances clustered, or not? If they are, then you need separate LUNs for each instance, full stop. For non-clustered environment I'd rather have them separated anyway, even if just for the sake of tidiness.

For system & temp DBs you will need at least one extra LUN (if you keep them together) or two (one for each). SQL binaries are normally out of scope from SMSQL perspective & can be kept e.g. on local drive.

Normally I look at a couple of docs for detailed info:

- Best Practice Guide for Microsoft SQL Server and SnapManager for SQL (I can see they are now updated for ver. 7: and )

- SMSQL Installation and Administration Guide ( )




Very helpful, thank you Radek!  We are on 7 mode.  I had read the installation and administration guide but it didn't seem to 100% speak to this issue.  The updated Best Practices Guide you linked to does have this item:

For clustered instances of SQL Server:

 The SnapInfo LUN must be a cluster disk resource in the same cluster group as the SQL Server instance being backed up by SnapManager.

 Place user databases onto shared LUNs that are physical disk cluster resources assigned to the cluster group associated with the SQL Server instance.

Is this what you are referring to?


So we are talking clustered SQL, right? It's a hairy subject & I'm afraid and I have more questions than answers to share!

E.g. this one:

No idea whether anything changed in SMSQL 7 in that respect

Re SnapInfo LUN - this statement must be new in BPG for SMSQL 7, as I don't recollect this from BPG for SMSQL 6. Quite contrary, I was actually under impression SnapInfo ought to be defined *per SQL node* where SMSQL is installed, and not per SQL instance.

Would be nice if someone from NetApp finally starts reading (& responding to) questions in the SQL Server sub-space...


Thanks Radek!  Yes this is clustered SQL.  We've had to configure SnapInfo per instance before, just didn't know if it could be done differently.  It doesn't appear to be the case.  Thanks very much for the help!