Data Backup and Recovery

NDMP Dump Backup to WORM Tapes


I have a question regarding NDMP Dump Backups to WORM Tapes.  Does NETAPP NDMP backup by default support backups to WORM Tapes?

Is there an Option within the ONTAP Command line to make this supported?

Or is this something that is handled by the Backup Software Vendor?



WORM functionality is enforced by the tape drive, and tape re-use (or non-reuse) is managed by the backup software.


From the point of view of NDMP from the NetApp system, there is no additional functionality required. Compatibility from the NetApp point of view is governed by ONTAP version, tape drive model, connectivity and backup software as entered into our Interoperability Matrix Tool at


In general - if it's a popular piece backup of software, up to date, it will work.