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NDMP User Issue


Hi all,

I'm having an odd problem with NDMP on ONTAP 8.1.1 7-Mode.

We've had an account, ndmpuser, assigned as our ndmp user account for some time and has been doing ndmp backups for about 6 months without issue. Today though, I started getting access denied when trying to use this account (from Backup Exec). I logged on to the filer and did an ndmpd password ndmpuser to make sure the password hadn't changed, but I receive this error:

User 'ndmpuser' denied access - missing required capability: 'login-ndmp'

ndmpuser is part of the Backup Operators group which has the backup role, which has the login-ndmp capability assigned.

I've tried deleting the user account and recreating, I've readded backup to Backup Operators. Really not sure what's going on. Any help would appreciated.

We've had some problems with this filer recently and it did go down cold twice recently if that's relevant.

Thanks in advance.



it sounds like the upgrade changed (or a new capability) was added to useradmin user role... check the role assigned to the group and add "login-ndmp" to the role used by Backup Operators...