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NDMP fails to load tape via CommVault job


My dual LTO-4 i500 will not load tapes via NDMP.

I can not see anything wrong with the cofiguration other than this error message in the CommVault logs.

SCSI Operation: Move Media From Slot To Drive. Reason: Initializing device failed.

ndmpd debug 70 shows nothing in the logs other than this

Mar 24 15:08:20 GMT [ndmpd:114]: NDMP message type: NDMP_MOVER_STOP
Mar 24 15:08:20 GMT [ndmpd:114]: NDMP message replysequence: 9
Mar 24 15:08:20 GMT [ndmpd:114]: Message Header:
Mar 24 15:08:20 GMT [ndmpd:114]: Sequence 0
Mar 24 15:08:20 GMT [ndmpd:114]: Timestamp 0
Mar 24 15:08:20 GMT [ndmpd:114]: Msgtype 1
Mar 24 15:08:20 GMT [ndmpd:114]: Method 2564
Mar 24 15:08:20 GMT [ndmpd:114]: ReplySequence 9
Mar 24 15:08:20 GMT [ndmpd:114]: Error NDMP_NO_ERR
Mar 24 15:08:20 GMT [ndmpd:114]: Error code: NDMP_ILLEGAL_STATE_ERR

We have support calls logged but it has been a couple of days now.

I have recreated the i500 and drives in CommVault, confirmed the filer can see the drive and shown the i500 to work via native commvault.  Any help / ideas would be useful.





The ndmpd degbug was running very slow.  This was the clue I should have noticed.  The answer was to configure

options ndmpd.preferred_interface vif1

on both nodes

The commvault media agent was on a HP server with teaming.  I changed the teaming setting to active / passive...

Runs great now.