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SMO 3.0 and Clones


In SnapManager for Oracle 3.0, are the requirements for licensing the same with iSCSI and FC being able to use LUN clones, and NFS requiring a FlexClone license in order for SMO to create the clones?  Does iSCSI and FC LUN based Oracle environment need a FlexClone license?



No, FlexClone is not necessary for iSCSI and FC. At least it worked for our test lab SMO installation.


Hi Mark,

Prior versions of SnapManager for Oracle leveraged FlexClone technology while cloning in NFS environments and LUN clone technology while cloning in SAN environments. In version 3.0, while cloning, SnapManager can leverage optionally FlexClone technology even in SAN environments if SnapDrive is configured to use FlexClone in SAN environments.

Although no separate license is required for creating LUN clones, NetApp recommends licensing FlexClone even in SAN environments and configuring SnapDrive accordingly if required. Doing so will enable SnapManager to leverage FlexClone technology while cloning in both NFS and SAN environments.

SnapDrive for UNIX can be configured to leverage FlexClone technology even in a SAN environment using the san-clone-method option in the snapdrive.conf file. The following table illustrates the various possible values that can be specified for the san-clone-method option in the snapdrive.conf file.

snapdrive.conf Variable and Value



Create a LUN clone always


Create an “unrestricted” FlexClone or fail if FlexClone is not licensed.


Create a “restricted” FlexClone if FlexClone is licensed on the storage system. Create a LUN clone otherwise.

If using SnapDrive for UNIX, NetApp recommends setting the value of the san-clone-method option in the snapdrive.conf file to optimal. Restart the SnapDrive daemon every time you modify the snapdrive.conf file for the changes to take effect.

SnapDrive for Windows will automatically leverage FlexClone technology if it is licensed and so no additional configuration is required.