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ONTAP support version of SnapDrive for Windows 4.1



My customer thinks about version up of ONTAP in SME and SDW4.1 environment.

In a support matrix, as for SnapDrive for Windows4.1, a version after ONTAP7.2.5 is not supported.

In this case is it necessary to think about version up of SnapDrive for Windows4.1? Or is the version after 7.2.5 supported by Feature PVR?

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Why do you want version 4.1 of snapdrive? It is not GA anymore.

We are using snapdrive 4.2.1 (which was GA a year ago) with SME 3.2 for Exchange 2003 on ontap 7.0.6 and without any problems for more than a year now. I think you can also go to SME 5.0 with snapdrive 6.x.x for Exhange 2003 if you are using ontap


Thank you for reply.

I do not understand details from which SDW4.1 is selected.

Maybe, it is thought that SME3.2 and SDW4.1 were the latest release at the timing of the introduction.

My customer wants to version up a version of ONTAP 7.3.0 or later.

Do you think that is necessary to give all version ups?

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Yes, you need to upgrade snapdrive and snapmanager.

You could go to highest supported version of Snapdrive/SME for your environment, but then you need to upgrade these version right after the ontap upgrade. Or you could try find a Snapdrive/SME combination that is support for both 7.0 and 7.3, but I am not sure if it exists for 7.3.

You can check that yourself:


Thank you for advice.