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Oracle DB Snapmirror Doubt


Hi Experts,

My client wants a copy of one of the Oracle_DB which is 10TB with which they want to setup a Test DB is it possible if i snapmirror all the Oracle DB Volumes and map them to the Test server where they can up the DB ( I need to confirm this part  ) and use it as Test DB ?? Is the DB will be Consistent ?? Please Need Advise.





Yes. Use SnapManager for Oracle or Netapp plugin for RMAN ( to do the Consistent backup and protect it using Snapmirror, then you can clone the db from the protected snapshot from secondary volume.




My Storage is via FC and i can see the plugin supports only NFS protocol and also im using ASM in my environment again which is not supported by Plugin.


With FC+ASM you’ll need SnapManager for Oracle. This is a standard capability of that product.


Sorry we are using Oracle LDOMS as well so Snapmanager will not work with Oracle LDOMS... Any


You’ll have to do quite a bit of scripting. The problem with LDOM’s is they essentially re-virtualize LUNs as Sun LUN’s. It hides the source of them. You can do this with SnapCreator, but you’d have to write some scripts that map and unmap the LUNs through the LDOM.


Do you have any snap creator scripts handy ??? I really want to do this but the place where im struck in at scripts im not a Scripting Geek sorry.


I’ve never scripted any LDOM work before, plus the need to re-write ASM headers makes this even more difficult. I don’t see a good option here.


Hi Nayab,

Please let us know if you have any more questions.




Question - you say "volumes". If the database exists across more than one volume, this can get more complicated. The simplest approach is to generate a cg-snapshot of all the volumes. You can do this with the SnapDrive utility, SnapCreator, or a simple script. Once you have this, you can easily snapmirror this set of snapshots anywhere you want. If you can match the directory structure of the source, then you can just start the database. It will have the same name as the original, but if that's okay then this is a VERY easy way to spin up a clone.