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Override check for igroup mapping


Is there anyway to tell snapdrive to ignore or not check to see if a lun is already mapped to an igroup?

I have a process that creates luns and an igroup for a host and does the mapping.   I'd like to insert snapdrive into the process now so that I can use snapdrive to manage the luns from the client side.  However snapdrive won't mount the lun if it's already mapped to an igroup, even if it's the same igroup that snapdrive is using... ugh!??!  So I have to unmap the lun only to have snapdrive remap the lun back to the same igroup.

Not all of my hosts will use snapdrive so I don't want to change my scripts and automated mapping, I want to just hand snapdrive a flag to say ignore the fact that it's already mapped.





You could try storage connect with the -igroup option .But I'm

guessing it would still error out I'm not sure though.

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SnapDrive for Windows by design check if LUN already mapped to the host before connecting LUN. So, answer is: no, you cannot override check.


Can that be added as a feature request?

It sure would help out with automations that occur outside of SnapDrive (like service providers) that want to automate the functionality and just have snapdrive connect to the lun.  i.e I can't use Provisioning Manager to create a lun and then have snapdrive map to it since Prov Mgr will map the lun to an igroup.

I consider the functionality of Prov Mgr to be correct because if I provision a lun then I'd want it mapped automatically.   And yes I understand that Prov Mgr can provision just the volume, but that doesn't help when it's the lun creation and drive mapping that I want to automate.

This was annoying in my case since my luns are mapped to the existing igroup that snapdrive created in the first place.