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Possible Owner of LUN in SQL Cluster


Luns from netapp arrays were provisioned to SQL Cluster with 5 nodes. While provisioning from netapp, i added all the initiator groups of all 5 nodes in the cluster. I mounted the disks and added the disks to the cluster. When i see the properties of the LUN after adding them to cluster it shows only three nodes checked and the other two nodes were unchecked. Please see the attachment

We need all nodes for failover, that means i should see all the nodes checked.

Inorder to see all nodes checked, do i have to manually check the other two nodes in that window i attached or do i have to do anything in the array side.

Those are production nodes, that's why i want to make sure with you guys.

Thanks in Advance



Did anyone understand my question??


Hi vkatraga407,

Go through this thread

I Hope this may help you.



Thanks Hari for taking time to give me a reply, But it is not the complete answer i am looking for.

In that post he adding the nodes to the cluster..

In my case the cluster already have 5 nodes (I am not trying to add any nodes )and all the five nodes are showing up in the advanced policies tab, my issue is when you see the attachment in my initial question, three nodes were automatically checked and the other two were left unchecked.

So can i go a head and manually check the other two nodes??????

Or it has do something from the array side?????