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Upgrading snapdrive on windows 2008 Sp2 2 Node cluster


We are looking to upgrade snapdrive on a windows 2008 sp2 - 2 node cluster running exchange 2007.   From looking at docs, we also need to update the host utilites, and the Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO version.  The reason for the upgrade is that we setting up new luns from the exchange server on a new filer which is running a new version of ontap which is V 8.1.3 7 mode.  The current ontap version we have the luns on is 7.3.4p3

So our current version setup is :

Snapdrive version

FCP Host Utilities version 4.0.2738.1219

Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO version 3.2.2845.2130

HBA firmware version 4.04.00

LUNS reside on filer FAS3070 with ontap version 7.3.4P3

We know want to move the LUNS to a new filer FAS3250 with ontap version 8.1.3 7-Mode.   So we would need to upgrade snapdrive and other software on the server and then setup the LUNS on the new filer.

So the verison we upgrade for snapdrive, host utilties, and DSM has to be able run on ontap verison 7.3.4P3 and 8.1.3 7-Mode, as there will be a time where the it would contain luns from both ontap versions.

So looking at the matrix it seems the viable snapdrive version we can use is 6.4.2.

SO can anyone advise on steps i can take to upgrade snapdrive , and in what order such as the host utilities and DSM, and also what node to upgrade first and is there any downtime involved in the cluster.  This is our exchange server so we have to be sure on the steps.



You will need to update host side components first. I recently hit this issue on upgrade of 7.2 to 8.0 - old DSM version had problems with 8.0 so path discovery and failover did not work reliably.

You need to reboot hosts after DSM update so it does mean downtime for each server. In cluster you can move groups between nodes so downtime is minimized.

I guess order of installation does not really matter - you will be updating all three components at once anyway. I would do host utilities, DSM, snapdrive.


I read that if u upgrade Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO version to 3.5, you dont need to upgrade the host utilties, is this correct for windows 2008 SP2.