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I have read the Progress v9.1c for UNIX® (tr-3132) rapport. And I read the answer that Paul Hargreaves gave in this forum, regarding proquiet the Progress Database and use of the Snapdrive product.

But my customer are using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 (x86_64) - Kernel 2.616.54-0.2.5. with both Progress OpenEdge Release 10.2A but also Progress Sonic 8 as a ESB, and it is this Sonic 8 ESB that are the one i am asking about NetApp snapshot backup !

Are there anyone out there that knows if this DB can snapshot like the Progress TR and Paul wrote, are we able to put it into a form of NetApp-Snapshot ready backup mode, if we should be so lucky that someone has done some lines of scripts, to enable NetApp to take a snapshot of the Sonic 8 ESB database ?

I realize that this is more a Progress problem, but i am very confident that if we can come up with a solution, this account will see this as a very BIG plus, and choose our Netapp offer instead.

- Petter Glenstrup



Do you solve the backup problem ProgressDB and integration Netapp snapshot