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Progress DB on UNIX?



IHAC who has some Progress DB instances running on AIX and FCP on NetApp LUNs.

He would love to use our SnapShot technology for Backups of this LUNs but we do not provide any SnapManager for this. Even our nice (internal) SnapCreator Tool cannot handle Progress DBs.

Do you know any customer or internal colleague who could have experiences in scripting something like this??

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I'm no Progress expert, but can tell you that this NetApp Technical Report is available:



Hi Mark!

Thanks a lot for the TR! Unfortunately it does not go very deep into B/R, so I have asked Paul Hargreaves, one of the TR authors, about his opinion. Here is his answer:

From: Hargreaves, Paul
Subject: Re: Question on tr-3132

Wow, I remember that – a long time ago. We didn’t write a separate TR mainly because at the time we didn’t have enough customer interest to write a full paper and for those customers who did start using it it was trivially easy to integrate the snapshots. I know we don’t have a huge amount of knowledge internally, for example apart from the TR the last time I got involved with Progress was about 10 years ago. Fortunately Progress is a really simple environment to work with and hasn’t changed much over the years.

The basics were pretty much:
1.    Follow the Progress manual to proquiet the database. That stops all write I/O from progress to the database files.
2.    Use SnapDrive to take a snapshot of the volume(s) that hold the database.
3.    Use proquiet to thaw the database so that clients can have disk i/o again.

I.e. 3-4 lines of script were sufficient. Progress added the proquiet ability to enable raid-1 vendors to take hot splits of the database in a more consistent manor and we just piggybacked on that technology.

What the above doesn’t cover is any roll-forward capability though. You’ll get point-in-time recovery points. Assuming the customer knows how to use after-imaging then they’ll know what to do.

Paul Hargreaves

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I'm interesting how integration ProgressDB and SnapCreator Framework is possible ?