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Question: Manually purging Exchange Log Volume SnapShots


Hi All,

We are using SnapManger for Exchange (SME) 6.04 and find our LOG volume snapshots use a lot of space. We use a separate Volume for both LOGS and SnapInfo. We do not need Up To the Minute (UTM) backups and use the flag "-NoUtmRestore" when performing a full back up of out passive mailboxes in a 4 node DAG. We need on Point in Time backups but would like many of them (14+ Days)

Here is my backup CMD:

new-backup -Server 'DAG' -ClusterAware  -ManagementGroup 'Daily' -BackupTruncatedLogs $False -RetainDays 14 -NoUtmRestore -StorageGroup 'Staff_A-K\MBX03' -UseMountPoint  -MountPointDir 'C:\Program Files\IBM\SnapManager for Exchange\SnapMgrMountPoint' -BackupTargetServer MBX03 -RemoteAdditionalCopyBackup $False

We also choose not to back up any Log files as you can see above with "-BackupTruncatedLogs $False" flag but when SME does a Daily SnapShot, we find the SnapShot grows quickly and would like to call a script like below to delete the SnapShots for just that LOG Volume and wondering how this could effect any future restores if we only require Point In Time restores?

Connect-NaFiler FILER_NAME

Get-NaSnapshot LOG_VOLUME_NAME | where-object {$_.Created -lt (Get-Date).AddDays(-1)} | Remove-NaSnapshot -Confirm:$false



I just found this description from "get-help new-backup" in the SME PowerShell but still doesn't how I can avoid the LOG volume SnapShots

-BackupTruncatedLogs <Boolean ($True or $False)>

        Short Form: bkTrcLogs

        This option does a backup of the selected database logs including

        those that will be truncated by a full backup type. When true this will

        preserve up-to-the-minute restore capability for older backups. When false this

        option can be used to conserve space on the LUN containing the backed up Exchange

        transaction logs. For copy backup types, this will make a backup of the current

        logs as well but they will not be truncated. The default is true.


        Required?                    false

        Position?                    False

        Default value                $True

        Accept pipeline input?       True

        Accept wildcard characters?  false


Backing up log LUN is required for Exchange VSS restore. If you delete log snapshot manally, it is equal to delete the whole backup.