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Reclaming Space on LUN (IBM SAN Storage)


Hello everyone,

I am pretty new in this area, so please pardon me. I have in my organization multiple IBM SAN Storage solutions and there is this NFS volume that is giving my issues. Upon some research, I have realized that the 230GB of space allocated to it always appear as FULL to Data OnTap (but only 10GB used in Windows). I have learn that I have to "reclaim" back this space using a software called SnapDrive for Windows.

Before I purchase this SnapDrive for Windows, it is possible for me to get hold of a demo copy before committing a purchase?

Is there other workaround apart from SnapDrive to reclaim back these space for use again? How do I prevent such issue to happen again?



Free disk space can be reclaimed by deleting snapshots if you have snapshots enabled system will release the space automaticcally as per your snapshot configuration retention

Using snapdrive will help you to reclaim free space not used by the snapshots and it work


Deleteing the snapshots would only reclaims space from the volume. If you need to reclaim space form the LUN, you need to run a space reclaimer (i.e. SnapDrive) at the OS layer to the reclaimer can tell the Filer which blocks in the LUN to release and then the Filer can resize the LUN. SnapDrive allows you to issue a resize to the disk attached to it and takes care of all this.


yes you can ask for a demo copy.. test it..

thats how we did.. took a demo version of it .. tested in our envt... it worked fine then we purchased one

also make sure you install DSM on the server for multipathing.. ( fyi.. DSM is free )

to better manage the LUNs.. create 1 LUN / volume