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Remotely triggering a SnapCreator Backup


Hi all,



I would like to be able to initiate a SnapCreator backup, from a client that isnt the SC Server. Does anyone know if this is possible, and what you need to install to do this?


My investigation seems to indicate that I may need to install the SC Server SW, onto a client, and then use the snapcreator.exe on the client, to initiate a job, remotely, on the SC server?


Is this the way to this?





Yes, you are correct.

snapcreator.exe is a cli client.

You can just copy it over if the os type is same and use it to call the sc server remotely.




Yes this is correct.


If you want to initiate a Snap Creator backup from a host other than the Snap Creator Server, you need some sort of binary in place that can run the Snap Creator commands.


For Linux there is a installer option for this that installs a remote install option - basically it installs the Snap Creator Server binary without running the GUI or database.


For Windows there isn't an installer option - instead you need to copy the snapcreator.exe file from an existing install of Snap Creator to a different host.

Please note that the version of Snap Creator needs to match, so you shouldn't copy a 32-bit Snap Creator binary onto a 64-bit remote host.


Once you've copied the files you can run the CLI commands for Snap Creator from the remote host.


If your Snap Creator Server is Windows, then this is very easy - just copy from the existing install.

If your Snap Creator Server is not Windows, you could just install Snap Creator, but uncheck the option to start the service.

This would install Snap Creator, but it wouldn't be running on the local host.


The only difference is that the install would take a few more MB of hard drive space.


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