Data Backup and Recovery

Restore HANA to a new Server instance




Are there some TR or quick step tutorials, on how to restore a hana DB to a new Server?


As we have a multi tenency environment, the challenge is to restore singel schemas for customers,

and not the whole Hana DB?


Is there any aproach on this? 


I think the way to do it, is to restore the DB to a new Server, export the single schema with a SQL query.

And import it then to the productiv system?


Do i'am right this way?


I have tried several ways, but i was not able to restore the Data to a diffrent Server.

Mount the Log and Backup Drive to the new System, Hana Studio correctly find my backup-snapshots.

But they are highlightet red (not available) and if a attach a clone ofe the DB Volume to the new Server, i got some login errors.


Thank you for your ideas. 





yes, i think you are right but anyway this is the procedure to restore and recover SAP HANA SBs


    Within Snap Creator:
        Select “Restore” for the SAP HANA system.
        Select restore from primary or secondary storage, depending on the availability of the backup at the primary storage.
        Select storage controller, volume name, and Snapshot copy name. Snapshot copy name correlates with the backup ID earlier.
        For multinode SAP HANA systems, multiple volumes need to be restored:
            Choose Add more restore items.
            Select storage controller, volume name, and Snapshot copy name.
            Repeat this process for all required volumes.
        Restore process is started
        Restore finished for all volumes.


then maybe you can share the error you get