Data Backup and Recovery

Restore files from storage to storage system

Any advise how to restore.

Appreciate the help.




You can overwrite current data with their restored copies. You can restore backed-up data over existing data if you suspect that the current files in a dataset are corrupted.

 Before restoring backed-up data over current data, have the following information available:
      1.The backup version that you want to restore.
      2.The volumes, qtrees, directories, files or Open Systems SnapVault directories you want to restore.

    Ensure that the following conditions are true:
      1. If you are restoring a LUN, and the NetApp Management Console data protection capability is not configured to support nondisruptive LUN restore, the LUN in the destination location is offline.
      2. If the NetApp Management Console data protection capability is configured to support non-disruptive LUN restore and you are restoring to a LUN that is owned by a vFiler unit, that vFiler unit is a primary  vFiler unit.
        Note: Performing nondisruptive restore to a LUN owned by a vFiler unit restores the backed-up LUN without its original LUN mappings. Therefore, you must map the restored LUN again.
      3.You must be authorized to perform all the steps of this task; your RBAC administrator can confirm your authorization in advance.

For detailed guidelines for restoring the active file system refer below document page no: 101,





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