Data Backup and Recovery

Retain SnapInfo if clones are attached for SMSQL


Using SMSQL 7.2.2, Snapdrive 7.1.4P1, and windows 2012 with SQL 2016.


We have an issue in which if we specifiy that we keep 5 days worth of snapshots via -RetainBackupDays 5, we will have cases in which we will have 2 flexclone attached to 2 separate snapshot. The snapshot could be from 7 days ago ( 1week), and one that is created today. The SnapManager will delete the SnapInfo information (since it only retains information up to 5 days), but the snapshots are not deleted since it is busy and attached to the clone. At this rate, SnapManager will not be able to query and get any information about the snapshot from 7 days ago as SnapInfo has been purged.


Is there anyway to force SnapManager not to delete the snapinfo about the snapshots that are still available on snapdrive? Our current cmdlet has these syntax "- RetainBackupDays 5 -cpylgkshare NOTHING_TOSHARE -logbkup -bkisf -retainsnapofsnapinfo 200"


I'm aware that some of the syntax has no effect since we dont use it. This is all simple mode, so they are no tlogs.