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Retrieving Documents out of Remote Blob store and importing them back into SQL Database


Currently we have a NetApp / Sharepoint Colabration solution which never reached it's expected utilization.

This solution utilized AVEpoint's RBS solution incorporated into NetApp's SnapManager for Sharepoint. This was successfully implemented to move  documents greater than 16KB  out of SQL databases into CIFS Shares on NetApp filers.


I now would like to repurpose these Netapp filers for other purposes, and thus I'm after a process to import these documents out of the CIFS Blob stores, back into the SQL databases. Once this is achieved we will migrate the databases to luns on another Storage Array, and delet  the RBS  CIFS shares.


Can SnapManager for Sharepoint be configured to achieve this?


I have experimented with increasing the document size threshold for files under Extender Settings, however it appears that this will only take affect for any new documents entered into the databases. The documents  currently in the Blob CIFS shares do not get pulled back into the SQL databases.


I would appreciate any advise anyone can offer.