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Retry settings in Snapcreator


Hello community,

we are currently running SC 4.0P1 without major problems.

However sometimes we are experiencing some network problems, which cause SC jobs to quit before they can complete.

Logfile show:

[2013-11-01 02:15:15,871] ERROR: SCF-00024: Snapvault Transfer Error detected - [transfer aborted because of network error]! Exiting

Result of this is that I have to manually do the snapvault updates of the volumes that weren't backed up.

Is there a way or workaround to make SC do a retry or are there some timeout settings which cause SC to abort the job immediately that could be adjusted, so that SC continues?

BR Stephan



Hi Stephan,

We have been talking about doing retries but have not implemented this. I think it is a terrific idea and would expect to see this feature soon.

Can you "create idea" and add your thoughts under ?

We are using the idea to get community feature requests. You can also vote on ideas, etc so it is a good way to get engineers your ideas.

Solution ideas for now:

1) use protection manager with SC, so SC would do snapshot, register snap in PM, and then trigger update from PM which would do update. PM supports I believe retries

2) create a simple few line script which runs SC and checks for error, if error occurs it runs SC again. This is probably simplest thing to do to get out of manually doing stuff