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SC Server to agent ratio


Hey Guys,

Are there any guidelines or limitations on how many agents should be managed from a single SC server?  I understand a lot depends on frequency of scheduling but was wondering if there any quidelines or hard limitations.


Paul Winkel



Hi Paul,

Since a given SC config can only have one agent meaning a backup involves 1 agent there are no limitations, you could have 1000s of agents. The scServer will never talk to more than one agent at a single point in time within a config. It was designed this way to avoid scalability issues

One area we caution against is backups against the same agent/host. The scAgent in 3.3.0 is single threaded and can only handle one response at a time, it will queue everything else. This means that if you run the same backup config or backup configs at same time that hit same agent/host you will run into timeout issues due to excessive queueing. The workaround in 3.3.0 is to increase the timeout or run multiple agents on a host which also isn't great since it means multiple ports. In SC 3.4.0 the next release we are adding option to start agent in multi-threaded mode but there are some limitations like it isn't supported and wont work on windows and with our domino and mysql plugins.

Hope this helps



Hi, there's any timing on the release of SC 3.4.0?


It is planned for end of June timeframe.