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SDU 4.1.1 - RBAC - Does a "snapdrive storage show -fs ........" require the underlying volume to exist in the Ops Manager database before it will complete successfully?


Environment - SDU 4.1.1

Operations Manaer  - 4.0

Using RBAC intergration with SDU

1)  snapdrive snap connect -fs /u02/test/dbtest1  /u02/test/dbclone  ........    (creates a flexlcone volume on controller A)

This step completes successfully.   Flexclone is created.

2) snapdrive storage show -fs /u02/test/dbclone    (validate the flexclone volume connected to the cloned fs)

The second command fails.

I need to know if the "snapdrive storage show -fs...." command need to see the flexlcone volume in Operations Manager in oder to complete succesfully.

The problem is that SMO does this exact command sequence for cloning.  The first command completes succesfully, but the next command bombs.  I think that this is due to the fact that the Ops Manager database does not know about the flexclone volume yet.



I found the problem.   There was a second OpsManager server on the network that I was not aware of.  The "forced discovery" was not updating OpsManager server I was working with, but the "other" OpsManager server was fat, dumb, and happy.

Egg of face.....