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SDU 4.1.1 help


IHAC who is running 64 bit RHAS 4 u6 with 32 bit emulation installed.  I have a problem that looks like the typical HTTPS/SSL being the default setting of snapdrive.conf.  HTTPS/SSL is turned on on the filer.  "snapdrive snap list -filer filername" works.  "snapdrive config access list filername" shows:

        Commands allowed:

                snap create

                snap restore

                snap delete

                snap rename

                storage create

                storage resize

                snap connect

                storage connect

                storage delete

                snap disconnect

                                                storage disconnect

When I do a "snapdrive storage show -all", I receive:

0001-185 Command error: storage show failed: no NETAPP devices to show or add the host to the trusted hosts (options trusted.hosts) and enable SSL on the storage system or retry after changing snapdrive.conf to use http for storage system communication and restarting snapdrive daemon.

I'm confused.  Why would the first 2 commands succeed and the last one fail.




The error message says either you don't have LUNs connected or snapdrive can't access the filer. Since you already verified that access works, the error appears because you don't have LUNs connected.

Did you already try connecting or creating a LUN?


Have you connected luns to the host ? If you have , then send the trace logs by running snapdrive.dc utility

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