Data Backup and Recovery

SMBR Exchange 2010 archived Backup


Hello @all,

i have a big problem with SMBR from my archived Backup.

I used a dedicadet server with snapdrive 6.4 sme 6.0  smbr 6.0.2, and exchange admin tools

smbr from local backups are ok, lun mounting from  archived Backup works but when i use smbr from archived backup

the operation fails with the error

failed to mount snapshot before smbr operation

check configuration

error code = 0xc00414e7

Unable to get archived Backup id for mounting LUN in snapshot copy on secondary storage

Has anyone seen this behaviour before?





This particular archived backup may already have expired in DFM, i.e., it may already get deleted based on retention policy. You may want to check the Protection Manager to see if this remote backup still exists.

Thanks, Qing


We had a similar issue, turned out the SMBR system wasnt:

- connected through iSCSI with snapvault destination

- and SDW wasnt configured to connect to the snapvault destination

- AND SDW wasnt configured to use DFM....

Anyone (or combination) of the above could be your problem.