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Hi Team!!!

So I now have my FAS2240-2 fully implemented and am seeing some good results from a storage perspective.  My next task is to install and configure Netapp Single Mailbox Recovery.  I have had a look at the documentation for this software and cannot find an install guide.  I'm guessing this would need to be installed on the Exchange 2010 MBX server but I'm not sure.  Can someone either point me in the direction of the install guide for this software or post the steps on how to get this configured properly.

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I can give you some direction, I hoe this helps.

Single Mailbox Recovery (SMBR) is not designed to run from an Exchange server. Also, Outlook cannot be installed on an Exchange server. Single Mailbox Recovery runs on the Windows server on which Microsoft Outlook is running, and it uses native Microsoft Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI) protocol to communicate with the Microsoft Exchange Server that is running on a separate machine. Hence,  SMBR can be a non exchange machine with 'MAPI client & snapdrive' installed. Snaprive is required for connecting to the LUN in a snapshot hosting the edb file.

Basically, on another windows server (non-exchange) you need following components:


Read this: (Describes how to install Single Mailbox Recovery)

As you already know, two ways you can access documenets specific to products - From the support page menu | Go to Documentation | Product Documentation | SMBR

Go to Downloads | Select SMBR software | select the appropriate version | You will find documents towards the bottom of the page - specific to install & admin.