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SME configuration question.


Forgive me if im missing something ovbious...

We use SME 5 to protect exhange 2003 - but are finding that transaction logs use up a massive amount of space within the LUN even though from how i presume ive configured it, they shouldnt be kept.

So if someone could sanity check our config:

We have 4 schedules setup

FRP backup - every 15 minutes

3 hour daily backup  - retain 12 (4 during working day) - up to the minute restore - no verify

Daily backup - retain 7 - point in time - verify

weekly - retain 2 - point in time - verify

What i expected to happen, would be when the daily backup runs just after midnight, it would make the previous days "3 hour" backups as being point in time only then delete the FRPs as we are generating about 10gb of logs traffic a day.. but it seems that all the transaction logs are backed up in the lun and stay until they are aged out when the weekly schedule deletes them.. is this correct?

How do you guys configure your setups?





it is correct right now. A future version of SME will change the behavior to delete the FRP logs after the next full backup.




We have the same as you.  Be sure not to delete any of the logs or SME will fail to verify.